Technology has played a large part in an individual's, businesses', and non-profit organization's earnings potential. It allows for creating efficiencies and increasing effectiveness, which ultimately results in the client's continuous growth. This firm is here is to guide our clients through different forms of technology and to make technology work for them.

The world of accounting is definitely not easy to understand. The accounting field is constantly changing with the current economic environment. It is this firm's responsibility to stay up to date on all these changes through continuous education. Whether you're an individual, business, or non-profit organization, the firm's dedication to staying in step with the accounting field will provide the client with the safest guidance to better navigate this ever changing landscape. 


​​​​​​Joy Josephs CPA, LLC 

​Certified Public Accountant





This accounting firm is here to help the individual, business, and non-profit organization. The firm offers a variety of services that will assist clients get closer to their goals, and ultimately, to see their dreams realized.